Seven Doors HotelSEVEN DOORS HOTEL – single Victor – 1983

SEVEN DOORS HOTEL (4:51) (Tempest)
WORDS OF WISDOM (4:06) (Tempest)

Joey TEMPEST: vocals, keyboards
John NORUM: guitars
John LEVÉN: bass
Tony RENO: drums

This song was inspired by the horror movie “The Beyond”.
A new version was included as B-side for the “Rock The Night” singles released in 1985 and 1986.

Europe (album2)EUROPE – album Hot/Victor/Epic – 1983
1. IN THE FUTURE TO COME (4:57) (Tempest)
2. FAREWELL (4:01) (Tempest)
3. SEVEN DOORS HOTEL (5:26) (Tempest)
4. THE KING WILL RETURN (5:42) (Tempest)
5. BOYAZONT (2:10) – instrumental (Norum, Meduza)
1. CHILDREN OF THIS TIME (4:51) (Tempest)
2. WORDS OF WISDOM (4:05) (Tempest)
3. PARADIZE BAY (3:51) (Tempest)
4. MEMORIES (4:31) (Tempest)

Joey TEMPEST: vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitar
John NORUM: guitars
John LEVÉN: bass
Tony RENO: drums, percussion

Produced by Europe
Co-produced by Thomas ERDTMAN and Erik VIDEGÅRD

Recorded at Electra Studio, Stockholm
About “Boyazont”: Boya was the nickname of a former John’s girlfriend.
There are 2 versions of the 12″ cover (and later of the CDs): one with the band (first release), another with the Karlskirche Cathedral, situated in Vienna, Austria. The angel statues standing in front of it are taken from one of Bernini’s statues on the Sant’Angelo Bridge in Rome, Italy.
Released in: vinyl, musicassette, remastered CD.

IN THE FUTURE TO COME – live, Japan 1983