Fender Stratocaster 1962 reissue from 1983
This is one of the greatest sounding Strats I ever played!
It’s a reissue from 1983, it used to belong to Gary Moore and it’s an amazing guitar!
Gary used this guitar in the “Emerald Aisles – Live in Ireland” VHS and on the live album “We want Moore!”.
And it hasn’t been back “home” in Ireland after they filmed the legendary show “Emerald Aisles” in 1984 (at the Ulster Hall in Belfast, Gary’s home town) until I had the honor to bring it there when Europe played at that same theatre in 2015.
It was such a great feeling to play the same guitar as Gary played at the same venue 30 years earlier!
I’ve had this guitar for 20 years now and it’s been on many albums since 1995, but mainly on my solo album “Another Destination”: this is the guitar I used on one of my favorite instrumental songs “Shimmering Highs” and also in the video “Strange Days” for that album.
And it was also my main guitar on the US Dokken tour in 1997 and the guys in Dokken were totally blown away how good it sounded!
When I met Gary a few years ago (before he tragically passed away), he signed the guitar for me on the back of the headstock, as you can see in the pic.
Thank you Gary for all the great music! RIP

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