Paoletti Stratospheric Wine Custom J.Norum
This is one of my latest addition to the guitar “family”.
It’s my first signature guitar ever (never was interested to have one before) and it’s a fabulous sounding “fiddle”!
The body is 150 years old Chestnut wood and it comes from old wine barrels that have been stored for over 100 years in a cellar somewhere in Italy. (The best wine Country in the world by the way, if you are into that type of thing …ha.)
It has the same pickups Di Marzio FS-1 and hardware as my other Strat style guitars, except the Steel bridge made by Gotoh which really is no different to a Fender Strat bridge.
And the other cool thing is that it has a Mahogany neck (just like a Gibson) instead of Maple which gives it a very unique sound compared to a standard Strat style guitar.
It also has an Ebony fretboard (like a Les Paul custom) which also is very unusual for a Strat (Fender always use either Maple or Rosewood for there fingerboards).
It’s now out for sale: check it out, I know you’re going to love it (well, that is if you like a fat Strat sound of course)!

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