“WAR OF KINGS” (Europe, 2015) Produced by Dave Cobb, released by UDR Records and Victor JVC
Release dates are: March 2nd (UK), March 4th (Japan), March 6th (Europe) and March 10th (US)
War of Kings
01. War of Kings (Tempest, Levén, Cobb)
02. Hole in My Pocket (Tempest, Levén)
03. Second Day (Tempest, Michaeli)
04. Praise You (Tempest, Michaeli, Cobb)
05. Nothin’ To Ya (Tempest, Norum, Michaeli, Levén, Haugland)
06. California 405 (Tempest, Michaeli)
07. Days of Rock ‘n’ Roll (Tempest)
08. Children of the Mind (Tempest, Michaeli, Cobb)
09. Rainbow Bridge (Tempest, Michaeli)
10. Angels (with Broken Hearts) (Tempest, Michaeli, Norum, Levén, Haugland, Cobb)
11. Light It Up (Tempest, Norum, Levén)
12. Bonus: Vasastan (Instrumental) (Michaeli, Norum) (Digital & Japanese releases only)
First SINGLE “War of Kings” (digital release)
Available for download from ITUNES and SPOTIFY starting from February 4th, 2015. First and exclusive aircast by Planet Rock (UK) January 30th, 2015 8:10 am
WOK single

Second SINGLE “Days of Rock ‘n’ Roll”
By: Warner Music
Available for purchase starting from April 27th, 2015

DoRnR single
December 5th, 2014
“WAR OF KINGS” by EUROPE out in MARCH 2015! – Official PRESS RELEASE for the new “WAR OF KINGS” album
Swedish rock legends Europe will release their 10th album, “War of Kings”, in March 2015 on UDR Records.
Recorded at the brand new PanGaia Studios in Stockholm, Sweden, produced by Dave Cobb (Rival Sons) and engineered by John Netti, War of Kings sees the classic rocking quintet confidently creating 11 monsterously melodic, yet hard-hitting, classic rock’n’roll standouts for their fervent global audience.
“War of Kings” will be available in multiple formats, as a CD digipak, a CD jewel case, a vinyl LP and in digital download format.
The album will be released in the UK on March 2nd, 2015, Japan on March 4th (via JVC), the EU on March 6th and the US on March 10th.
Joey Tempest: “War Of King is the album we always wanted to make, ever since we were kids listening to bands like Zeppelin, Purple and Sabbath. And after hearing Dave Cobb amazing production for Rival Sons we simply had to work with him. Our adventure is still ON!”
Europe’s place as a legendary classic rock band was platinum-stamped early in their career, having enjoyed an explosive period of worldwide success in the ‘80s, under-pinned by their hit album and single The Final Countdown, before going on hiatus between 1992 and 2003.
They re-united and quickly settled into a period of re-establishment which has seen them re-enforce their reputation worldwide as one of the premier purveyors of blues-tinged classic rock with an edge and some kick.
Their last album, 2012’s “Bag of Bones”, saw Europe hit the UK top 40 rock album charts and debut at #2 on the Swedish national charts, and “War of Kings” is set to take full advantage of the global groundwork Europe have put in over the last few years.
Joey adds “Hey! We took the long road! but we wanted to re-establish Europe the proper way. It’s taken 10 years and countless tours since the re-union, but we’re finally getting there! And we’ve done it our way!”
Europe will commence their roadwork supporting War of Kings with a UK/Ireland tour in Dublin on March 2nd (their first visit to Ireland in 25 years) before continuing in the UK with Black Star Riders.
Joey: “Looking forward to ‘tons’ of touring in 2015! It’s getting harder and harder to be modest and humble about this band! It doesn’t get much better than this!”
Europe are:
Joey Tempest – lead vocals, acoustic & rhythm guitar, keyboards
John Norum – lead & rhythm guitars, backing vocals
John Leven – bass, backing vocals
Mic Michaeli – keyboards, piano, backing vocals, rhythm guitar
Ian Haugland – drums, percussion, backing vocals.
“WAR OF KINGS” official music video
By: Hell & Back Recordings – Director: Patric Ullaeus
EXCLUSIVE premiere Monday 9th of February 2015 at 12 noon GMT, 1 pm CET and 7 am EST.
Europe’s media partners below aired the video for 24 hours exclusively prior to the launch of the brand new EUROPE’s website. UK: Classic Rock UK – Germany: Muzu TV – Poland: Onet – Benelux: Classic Rock Mag – Italy: La Repubblica – France: Hard Force – USA: Ultimate Classic Rock – Spain: Rock FM – Sweden: Sweden Rock – Greece: Rock Hard Greece
“DAYS OF ROCK ‘N’ ROLL” official music video
Director: Patric Ullaeus
EXCLUSIVE premiere Monday 27th of April, 2015 by Europe’s media partners: France: Le Parisien; UK: The Independent; Germany, Austria, Switzerland: Muzu TV; Sweden: Rock Klassiker Radio; Italy: Il Corriere; Spain: Rai3; Netherlands: Bospop; Poland: Anty Radio; US: Revolver Magazine April 28th; Finland: Rock Radio April 28th. The video was aired on the EUROPE Facebook page too at 3:00 PM CEST on April 29th.

Fresh from bringing the true spirit of rock ’n’ roll back to the UK in March, superstar Swedish rockers Europe come to America for a fresh crusade, with their brand new video for “Days of Rock ’n’ Roll” debuting on April 27th.
The track will also be available as a limited edition physical CD single exclusively at on those forthcoming US dates, as well as at Europe’s own Stereo Boutique Shop through Warner Music.
Directed by Patric Ullaeus, (one of Sweden’s most celebrated video directors who has worked with In Flames and Dimmu Borgir among many) “Days of Rock ’n’ Roll” shows Europe leading sold-out audiences in Manchester & Wolverhampton through approximately 3 minutes and 20 seconds of classic, unadulterated, ear-catching-melodic-memory-sticky rock ’n’ roll songwriting.
“The main riff for “Days of Rock ’n’ Roll” was written back in ’88, and was meant as a follow up to The Final Countdown,” says Tempest. “Last year I finished the song, the band loved it, and we always felt it would be a great song in our live set.”
“Days of Rock ’n’ Roll” is symbolic of the success Europe have been enjoying worldwide with their latest album War Of Kings. With over 20 million albums sold worldwide in their career, it is clear that Europe have become the modern vanguard for classic rock ’n’ roll music.
“The love and effort you put into rock albums and videos are more important than ever!” furthers Tempest. “It’s not about over producing or simply recreating the past, but going to “that deeper place” and making new, interesting, heartfelt, primal yet soulful music.” “Classic Rock and hard rock music are built with eternal qualities,” says Tempest, “and it is our duty as artists, songwriters and music lovers, to make sure this music is elevated yet again.”
With Europe continuing to successfully spread the word worldwide, the “Days Of Rock ’n’ Roll” are in strong, safe and dynamic hands.
Legendary classic rock quintet Europe released a special, limited edition box-set of their album “War of Kings” via Hell & Back Recordings in Germany and some parts of the EU on March 6th, 2015, in UK and some parts of the EU on March 09th and in USA on April 28th.
This strictly limited release with include the album “War of Kings” Ecolbook CD DeLuxe version with bonus track, an extended 7 inch booklet, the Making of DVD “WAR OF KINGS – How we did it” – a T-shirt (XL only), a sticker and a postcard.
WOK Special Edition boxset
Swedish rock legends EUROPE released their 10th studio album “War of Kings” on March 10th, 2015 in the United States via Hell & Back Recordings. To celebrate the release of “War of Kings”, VH1 has teamed up with EUROPE to exclusively reveal two new tracks from the album. “DAYS OF ROCK ‘N’ ROLL” and “NOTHIN’ TO YA” was aired via VH1.com at 7 am EST Wednesday February 25th.
DoRnR release

The SECOND SINGLE “DAYS OF ROCK ‘N’ ROLL” from Europe’s album “War of Kings” out March 2015, was available as a limited edition physical CD exclusively at the US dates, as well as at Europe’s own Stereo Boutique Shop starting from April 27th, 2015 through Warner Music.

By: Hell & Back Recordings – Director: Patric Ullaeus
Play Video
A special edition of Europe‘s “WAR OF KINGS” album + BONUS DVD / BLU RAY with the show at the Wacken Festival (July 2015), was out November 27th, 2015 (December 4th in the STATES) via Hell & Back Recordings / UDR Music.
CD tracks: 1. War of Kings; 2. Hole in My Pocket; 3. The Second Day; 4. Praise You; 5. Nothin’ to Ya; 6. California 405; 7. Days of Rock ‘n’ Roll; 8. Children of the Mind; 9. Rainbow Bridge; 10. Angels (with Broken Hearts); 11. Light It Up; 12. Vasastan (Instrumental).
DVD & BluRay tracks: 1. War of Kings; 2. Hole in My Pocket; 3. Superstitious; 4. Scream of Anger; 5. Last Look at Eden; 6. Second Day; 7. Firebox; 8. Sign of the Times; 9. Praise You; 10. The Beast; 11. Ready or Not; 12. Girl From Lebanon; 13. Nothin’ To Ya; 14. Let the Good Times Rock; 15. Rock the Night; 16. Days of Rock ‘n’ Roll; 17. The Final Countdown.

Previous news:

John Norum has entered the studio with Europe to record their 10th album October 22nd, 2014 with new Producer Dave Cobb and engineer John Netti under UDR RECORDS.
German-based label delighted to announce signing of Swedish rock legends.
Swedish rock group Europe have signed with UDR Records for the release of their as-yet-untitled forthcoming album in early March 2015. The recording commences this month in Stockholm.
Europe’s frontman Joey Tempest “We’re really excited to be working with the people at UDR. A very credible label and I am impressed with their work building a future and a solid foundation for their Artists”.
UDR President/owner Ulrike Rudolph expressed her delight in capturing the band for the label. “We are always looking to expand the label’s stable of bands with quality, not quantity, and Europe represent the finest in supremely written hard rock music,” said Rudolph. “They are a group who refuse to rest on their past and continue to grow as artists and musicians, so we are absolutely delighted they have come to us.”
Production on the new material will be handled by Dave Cobb (Rival Sons).
“He is one of few producers out there who is saving rock ‘n’ roll,” said Joey Tempest, “when we first heard Pressure and Time by Rival Sons, we just went ‘who the hell produced this stuff? It’s got tons of heart and soul, it’s cocky, it’s got that swagger, it’s alive and real.’ That’s the journey we’re on with Europe, trying to dig deeper to find more soulful expressions and play straight from the core! So we’re extremely excited to bring this guy into our team.”
The multi-platinum, 20-million-plus selling quintet, recorded 1986’s smash-hit The Final Countdown and toured the World playing sold-out concerts while cementing their place as one of the biggest rock bands of the ‘80s. After re-grouping in 2004 with the ‘classic’ line-up, the band continued their success into the 21st century with Classic Rock Magazine stating upon the release of their last album in 2012, ‘Europe are one of the greatest rock bands on the planet right now.’
In 2015, Europe will once again take to the road as they begin a UK/Ireland tour in Dublin on March 2nd (their first visit to Ireland in 25 years). More dates to coincide with the albums cycle will be announced shortly including territories the band has not visited in some time.
Europe are:
Joey Tempest – Vocals
John Norum – Guitars
John Leven – Bass
Mic Michaeli – Keyboards
Ian Haugland – Drums

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