SR “mini” Flying V
This guitar was also gifted from a Japanese fan when we toured Japan in 2015 and it’s a really cool “mini” Flying V!
Even though this thing is tiny it still sounds pretty good!
And I gave this one to my son Jim (who’s 4) and he loves it!
And he said, “It’s a Flying V!” I couldn’t believe it, he knew the model! (Papa has taught him well …ha).
Anyways he enjoys it very much and he’s very proud of it.
And it’s a good “beginners” guitar for kids even though it’s not a full-size scale guitar, it sounds good!
Eddie Van Halen used one of these “mini” guitars live on the song “Little Guitars” from the album “Diver Down” and it sounded great!
So there you go: “If it’s good enough for Eddie it’s good enough for anyone!”

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