Slipped Into TomorrowSLIPPED INTO TOMORROW – album Mascot/Toshiba-EMI – November 26, 1999

1. BLACKSCAPE (5:12) (Norum, Åkesson)
2. WAITING ON YOU (3:29) (Norum)
3.STILL IN THE GAME (3:46) (Norum, White)
4. FREEDOM IS MY TRUTH (4:17) (Norum)
5. TICO’S LIFE (4:56) (Norum)
6. NOBODY ANSWERS (4:49) (Norum)
7. LOOSING MY MIND (6:14) (Norum)
8. VEDA (4:42) (Norum, Meldrum)
9. SONGS OF YESTERDAY (4:40) (Norum, Meldrum)
10. KILLER WITHOUT A CAUSE (4:17) (Gorham, Lynott)
11. CENTER OF BALANCE (Bonus Track) (6:27) (Norum, Keeling, Baltes, Wright)

John NORUM: lead and background vocals, guitars
Stefan RODIN: bass
Thomas BROMAN: drums & percussion
Additional background vocals: Mats LEVÉN
Keyboards: Mats OLAUSSON
Leif SUNDIN: vocals on Bonus Track “Center of Balance”

Songs published by BURRN!
Publishing/Shinko Music
Produced by: John NORUM
Recorded at First Take Studio & Studio Subsonic, Stockholm, Sweden

Engineered by: John NORUM, Stefan OLSON, Ulf KRUCKENBERG and Michelle MELDRUM
Mixed by: Per BLOM & John NORUM at Shortlist Studios
Mastered by: Peter IN DE BETOU at Cutting Room, Stockholm

Photography by: Michael JOHANSSON
Layout & Design by: Hiro ABE, K-NISHIMURA, R-SHIMADA

John used:
Marshall JCM 800 2205, Mesa Boogie Rectifier, Marshall 1971 50 Watt Amplifier, Marshall Slash signature Cabinets, Jim Dunlop Cry Baby, Boss Chorus, Boss Digital Delay, Boss OD1, Marshall Guvernór, Ibanez Tube Screamer, GHS Strings, D’Angelico strings, Eugene Custom Strat, Fender ’65, Strat, Fender ’62 Reissue Strat, Fender American Standard Custom, Gibson Flying V, Gerorge L Cables, Seagull and Martin Acoustics.

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