Band EuropeOver three decades and dozens of millions albums sold, Joey Tempest (vocals), JOHN NORUM (guitars), Mic Michaeli (keyboards), John Leven (bass) and Ian Haugland (drums) as hardworking as ever, annually performing concerts worldwide and producing albums that are critically acclaimed by fans and the music industry alike.
It all started in a small suburb outside of Stockholm, Sweden. John and Joey met and formed the band Force. They both were into British rock bands like Thin Lizzy and UFO. Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple also made an immense impact on these teenagers. They recorded their first demos when they were only 16 and 17 years old. Record companies turned them down, saying “the guitars were too loud and their hair was too long′. But armed with the new name Europe they proved everybody wrong. They won a rock band competition and the first prize was a recording contract. When “Europe” was released in 1983, kids in Sweden and Japan really identified with their music.
The second album ′Wings of Tomorrow′ gained attention from all over the world. Notably from Epic Records, New York (now Sony Music) who got interested and signed a five album million dollar contract.
When it was time to release their third album ′The Final Countdown′, they had Journey—producer Kevin Elson onboard and a major American label behind them. Touring the UK, US and the rest of the world had always been the boys dream. They had put in the dog years and it was time for the big success. ′The Final Countdown′ sold 7 million records worldwide and the single was number one in over 25 countries and still is a big anthem all over the world until today. The album spent 70 weeks on the Billboard Charts and had four Top 40 singles. Europe had made it.
John Norum quit the band and came back in 2004 when the original line-up the band returned with the powerful ′Start From The Dark′. The plan was to think long-term and slowly build up a relationship with fans and the music world again. The album caused controversy with raw, heavy detuned songs, but proved to be a great platform to build on.
2006 they recorded ′Secret Society′ — a more heavy and alternative rock album.
According to the band it was their best album cover to date, designed and executed by the legendary Storm Thorgeson (Hypgnosis). With this album, the British rock press started to take the band serious. The band continued to tour worldwide but now started to get invited to play the UK on a regular basis, with steadily increasing concert attendees.
One of their most successful records since returning to the scene was released in 2009: ′Last Look At Eden′. With the majestic title track and the ballad ′New Love In Town′, Europe broadened their fan base even more to become one of the most successful bands in their genre and returned to the pole position of the official album charts in their home country.
At the end of April 2012, the 9th Europe—album, ′Bag Of Bones′, recorded at Atlantis Studios in Stockholm, was released worldwide. Spawning the singles/videos ′Not Supposed To Sing The Blues′ and ′Firebox′, The Kevin Shirley produced record saw the band embark on yet a new adventure with a more down to earth , soulful and bluesy feel, much appreciated in the classics rock and blues camps.
With continued touring and an ever growing fan base, Europe entered the brand new PanGaia Studios in Stockholm (the first band to ever to record there) to record ′War of Kings′. In keeping with the vibe of the previous two releases and in hopes to take their newfound creativity to even higher levels, the band chose American producer Dave Cobb who had done such an amazing job on recent releases by Rival Sons.
′War of Kings′ the album, featuring the title track as first single (released February 2nd) was unleashed on the public the day the WOK World tour starts — March 2nd 2015, with the band playing Dublin Ireland for the first time in 25 years.
For the first time in over 10 years the band played two concert tours in the USA within just over a year, including a headline appearance at the M3 festival in Maryland.
2016 found the band marking a milestone in their career, the 30th anniversary of their landmark album, The Final Countdown. To celebrate this, the band staged a series of special shows throughout Europe where they first performed the entire War of Kings album followed by the entire Final Countdown album. Their sold out show at London’s famous Roundhouse was documented for a DVD release in early 2017.
The Autumn of 2017 saw Europe release their 11th studio album “Walk The Earth” on the 20th October. The album featured original artwork by famed Los Angeles artist Mike Sportes of Filth Mart.
From the anthemic sound of the opening track “Walk The Earth” – to the heavy vibe that is “Haze”, from the instant melody of “Election Day” to the lyrical content of “Kingdom United”, “Walk The Earth” is the album that should see Europe rightly acclaimed as a band at the height of their powers. The wonderful melodies and depth of Joey Tempest’s vocals along with a powerhouse rhythm section and the guitar playing of JOHN NORUM. Norum’s guitar playing shines across the record. This is an album that is big in its scope and sound. Much like previous album “War Of Kings”, “Walk The Earth” is an album that has instant appeal but is also an album that needs to be lived with, in order to uncover it’s depth. The album was recorded at famed Abbey Road Studios in London, once again with Grammy winning producer Dave Cobb (Rival Sons, Shooter Jennings, Jason Isbell, Chris Stapleton). The band won a Swedish Grammi for Walk The Earth in 2018, the band’s first such award.
2018 and 2019 saw the band continue to “Tour The Earth” with trip back to Japan for three concerts at the famous Club Citta in Kawasaki.
There is plenty more to come as we head towards the 3rd decade of the millennium… Stay tuned! //Europe