Face It LiveFACE IT LIVE ’97 – album Mascot-Toshiba EMI/Zero-Shrapnel – September 26, 1997

1. FACE THE TRUTH (5:17) (Norum, Hughes)
2. NIGHT BUZZ (3:42) (Norum, Hildén, Meldrum)
3. MAKE A MOVE (4:52) (Norum, Keeling, Lorber, Lorber)
4. GOOD MAN SHINING (3:08) (Norum, Hughes, Höglund, Attaque, Broman)
5. WISHING WELL (4:34) (Rodgers, Kirke, Yamauchi, Bundrick, Kossoff)
6. WHERE THE GRASS IS GREEN (3:53) (Norum,  Keeling)
7. RESURRECTION TIME (5:08) (Norum, Keeling, Lorber, Lorber)
8. OPIUM TRAIL (5:22) (Gorham, Lynott, Downey)
9. IN YOUR EYES (4:33) (Norum, Baltes, Hughes)
10. BLIND (3:57) ( Norum, Jacob)
11. C.Y.R. (5:22) (Norum, Keeling, Wright)
12. GUITAR SOLO (3:43) – instrumental (Norum)
13. HEART OF STONE (3:37) (Tempest)
14. FROM OUTSIDE IN (6:12) (Baltes, Norum, Keeling)
15. LET ME LOVE YOU (5:18) (Norum, Jacob)
16. SCREAM OF ANGER (5:01) (Tempest, Jacob)

Zero/Shrapnel edition contains tracks # 1-3-4-5-7-8-10-11-12-14-15-16

John NORUM: lead and rhythm guitars, lead and backing vocals
Leif SUNDIN: lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Anders FÄSTADER: bass, keyboards, backing vocals
Hempo HILDÉN: drums

Produced by: John NORUM
Engineered by: John NIELSEN and Ulf KRUCKENBERG
Mixed by: Per BLOM at First Take Studios, Stockholm, Sweden
Mastered at: Cutting room by Lars ROSIN
Recording Truck – Westlake Studio Mobile, Yoshiyasu KUMADA
Front of House Sound – Keith MORRIS

Photography by: Hiroyuki YOSHIHAMA
Artwork by: StrøgetRecorded at Club Citta’ Kawasaki, Japan, on June 21st, 1997

Distributed in: Benelux by Pias (380.7058.20), Germany by Zomba (394.7058.2), Switzerland by Disctrade, Austria by NSM, UK by PHD, Greece by Megatherion, Israel by Raven, Spain and Portugal by Mastertrax, Czech Republic by Globus, Italy by Edel, Scandinavia by MNW.

Vagabond Management
21213-B Hawthorne Blvd.
Torrance, CA 90503 USA

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