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Europe videos

EUROPE music videos

TURN TO DUST (2019) from the album “Walk the Earth” SIEGE (2018)from the album “Walk

John Norum videos

John NORUM SOLO and DON DOKKEN music videos

STRANGE DAYS (1995) from the album “Another Destination” by John Norum WILL BE STRONG (1992)

LIVE & PROMO shows

LLAE tour

EUROPE “Last Look at Eden” tour

THE LONER (tribute to Gary Moore) EUROPE live @ Bristol (UK) – February 23, 2011

Nordic Beast live shows

NORDIC BEAST promo & live shows

GOOD MAN SHINING (J. Norum) live @ God Morgen Norge (TV2), 2014 Beast TEASER for

Medley Brisbane (AU) 2018

EUROPE “Walk the Earth” tour

THE FINAL COUNTDOWN (solo) EUROPE live @ PARIS (FR) – September 27, 2018 OF ANGER

STUDIO clips

Norum studio clips

John NORUM in studio

Working at the new solo album Post wiews: 115

Europe studio clips

John Norum with EUROPE in studio

DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY (Europe, 1984) Rehearsals for “Wings over Sweden” tour 2014“Bag of Bones”

GUITAR lessons

guitar lessons

Check here the videos of John Norum’s guitar lessonsRead More →


Interview July '19 CZ

Interview with John Norum for iDNES (CZ) July 2019

Benátská hosts the Swedish band EUROPE on 26th July in Liberec. What can fans expect from it? “Expect a lot of energetic rock, we play about one song from each album, from the ’80s and even the new ones,” says guitarist John NORUM.

Video interviews

VIDEO interviews

JOHN NORUM and John Levén from EUROPE about guitars and basses Interview for 4Sound Sverige