Where the Grass Is GreenWHERE THE GRASS IS GREEN – single Zero – 1996

WHERE THE GRASS IS GREEN (3:44) (Norum, Keeling)
CENTER OF BALANCE (6:56) (Norum, Keeling, Baltes, Wright)

Producer: Jeff GLIXMAN





Worlds AwayWORLDS AWAY – album Mascot/Zero – December 21, 1996

1. MANIC DISTORTION (3:18) (Norum, Keeling, Meldrum)
2. MAKE A MOVE (4:15) (Norum, Keeling, Lorber)
3. C.Y.R. (4:40) (Norum, Keeling, Wright)
4. WHERE THE GRASS IS GREEN (3:44) (Norum, Keeling)
5. CENTER OF BALANCE (6:56) (Norum, Keeling, Baltes, Wright)
6. DOGS ARE BARKING (3:28) (Norum, Keeling, White)
7. HOMELAND (PEACE OF MIND) (4:52) (Norum, Keeling)
8. WASTED LABOR (5:41) (Norum, Keeling)
9. WORLDS AWAY (4:37) (Norum, Keeling)
10. ENDICA (REVISITED) (3:58) ( Norum, Baltes, Keeling)
11. FROM OUTSIDE IN (5:10) (Baltes, Norum, Keeling)

John NORUM: lead and rhythm guitar, vocals
Kelly KEELING: vocals, keyboards
Peter BALTES: bass guitar
Simon WRIGHT: drums

Produced and mixed by: Jeff GLIXMAN
Engineered by: Jeff GLIXMAN, John NIELSEN,
Guitar technician: Leon LAWSON

Recorded at: Cherokee Studios, Hollywood, Ca.
Mixed at Triclops Studios, Atlanta, Ga.
Mastered at the Mastering Lab, Hollywood, Ca. by Doug SAXArt Direction: William Ames Inc.

Cover, artwork and imaging: Ray KACHATORIAN
Photography: William AMES
Coordination: Micah SMITH
Stylist: Robert CRIPPS

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