Fender Stratocaster 1968 Aged Relic Michael Landau signature
This one is just a fabulous sounding and playing guitar!
The pickups have just a “hair” more output then a standard Fender Strat pickup and they are slightly warmer sounding as well.
On all my Strats I have the tone controls connected to the bridge pickup and the neck pickup. (Not the middle. Why? I don’t know …ha! Well It’s probably because I don’t really use the middle pickup that much.)
Why Fender didn’t connect the tone control to the bridge pickup I will never know. Because to me it sounds way better when the tone control is connected especially to the bridge pickup which sometimes can be very trebely sounding on a Strat.
And it also gives you more sound options. (I’m not much of a”treble freak”.)
So on the ML Strat the tone controls are hooked up the way I think Fender should have done it in the first place.
A good trick (that I “borrowed” from Eric Johnson) is to put the tone control around 7-8 on the bridge pickup and that will give you a really cool bluesy tone for leads.
It’s not a huge difference but enough for it to be a little bit more “musical” sounding.

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