March 12, 2021

In 1973-74 I bought a compilation album with artists such as T.Rex, Slade, Sweet, Mud etc., and one of the pictures on the album was this strange looking dude who was David Bowie. I just had to find out what this guy sounded like so when I got home I put on “Jean Genie” and was immediately sold. 
This guy had the coolest voice I’ve ever heard, so I bought the “Aladdin Sane” album and was totally blown away! 
Rest in Peace, David, you were really one of a kind. /John Norum

Friends! As those of you who saw Wednesday’s clue post, today is the day John Norum reveals one of his favorite albums of all time… and of course it’s the legendary DAVID BOWIE album “ALADDIN SANE”.
Congratulations to all those who guessed correctly and as it’s such a classic, John has chosen FIVE choice tracks this week (not that any of the ten tracks are anything but choice) so here goes:
The Jean Genie,
Drive-in Saturday,
Panic in Detroit,
Lady Grinning Soul and
Have a great weekend! // Europe

March 10, 2021

Friends! John Norum is back this week with a clue to one of his favorite albums. If you have any idea what it may be please comment below the post on the Facebook page and check back Friday night at 7 PM UK time and 8 PM CET to see if you are right. See you all then! // Europe

Favorite Albums part III