Friday Nights - part IV

April 16, 2021

When I heard this album for the first time I was blown away by the pure power and tone of Gary’s ’61 Strat and I loved the songs and the singing as well… And one of the best guitar solos ever recorded (in my opinion) is the guitar solo on “Always Gonna Love You“. it just doesn’t get any better than that, period.
RIP Gary – You were really one of a kind. /John

Happy Friday to all of you! As per Wednesday’s clue the answer to this week’s “Favorite Album” by John Norum is, of course, non other than Gary Moore with his 1982 epic “Corridors of Power”.
John has chosen some killer choice tracks… so here you go … enjoy!
Don’t Take Me for a Loser
Always Gonna Love You
Wishing Well
End of the World
Cold Hearted
Be safe and have a great weekend. //Europe

April 14, 2021

Friends! It’s Wednesday again and Mr. John Norum is back with another great clue for our “Friday Nights with Europe the Band – Favorite Albums” feature.
You all know the drill by now – please comment below the post on the Facebook page with your guesses and see you back on Friday at 7 PM UK and 8 PM CEST with this weeks correct answer!
In the meantime, have a good rest of the week and stay safe. //Europe

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