June 25, 2021
Friends, hope everyone had a great week. Well, this was a hard one but thanks to everyone who made guesses and comments. One person guessed correctly that it is indeed the Classic 1981 album by FRANK MARINO called “The Power of Rock and Roll”, so congratulations to Carl Williams! The clue makes sense once you know the answer… The Marshall stacks are “The Power” and John’s pose is the “Rock and Roll”… easy eh? John’s choice of tracks are as follows:
1. Ain’t Dead Yet – https://youtu.be/OcUC3UR6xXY
2. Stay With Me – https://youtu.be/IoaiZHmK1Zg
3. Young Man – https://youtu.be/fR1cm94LsFk
4. Play My Music – https://youtu.be/VLUssiT1q8E
5. Go Strange – https://youtu.be/oOJsLQhvRP0
Enjoy the weekend. //Europe

Friday Nights - part VI

June 23, 2021

Here we are with another installment of “Friday Nights with Europe the Band – Favorite Albums” and as all of you know who have been following regularly, Wednesday is clue day.
This week it’s John Norum’s turn with what we think is a difficult clue but very obvious once you know the answer!
As always, make your guesses in the comments below and check back on Friday at 7 PM UK and 8 PM CEST to see if you were correct. Good luck to all! In the meantime, stay well. // Europe

Friday Nights part V clue
Friday Nights part V clue first variation
Friday Nights part V clue second variation
Friday Nights part V clue third variation
Friday Nights part V clue fourth variation