July 30, 2021
The Michael Schenker Group (Michael Schenker Group, 1980)
Michael Schenker’s first solo album just amazing! The guitar playing and the songs on this album are just outstanding! This album will go down as one of the best rock albums of all time, no doubt. So just listen to those smokin’ notes and keep on rockin’! /John

Friends, hope you all had a great week. Here we are with the answer to John Norum’s favorite album clue we posted Wednesday. It is “The Michael Schenker Group”, self-titled debut album from 1980! An absolute classic and therefore John has chosen SIX tracks this week for you to check out:
Armed and Readyhttps://youtu.be/epSrddf65N0
Cry for the Nationshttps://youtu.be/-Bt1KdYb8PE
Feels Like a Good Thinghttps://youtu.be/2WG2HNhLRK8
Into the Arenahttps://youtu.be/efPkzMwD774
Looking Out from Nowherehttps://youtu.be/lh0CwRchvR4
Lost Horizonshttps://youtu.be/2pcyDWU34qo
Have fun listening to these and have a good weekend. //Europe

Friday Nights - part VII

July 28, 2021

John Norum is back with one of his favorite albums and as is normal for Wednesdays… Here is the clue pic! Take your best guesses in the comments below and we will see you back here Friday 7 PM UK and 8 PM CEST with the correct answer.Good luck and have a great rest of week! // Europe

Friday Nights part VI clue