December 13, 2021

My ’80s rig from ’84-’89. Unfortunately the original Hiwatt amp I used at the time (DR-103) got stolen when I was in the Don Dokken band, I went to rehersal one day and it was gone along with a bunch of other gear. I sure miss that amp but this 50 Watt (DR-504) sounds great! Used by Matthias Jabs on two Scorpions albums in the mid ’90s and it’s also on my new album which will be out in February

Hiwatt 50W

I first started using the 1965 Fender Stratocaster (left) in 1984 on the “Wings of Tomorrow” tour and it has been used on every album ever since. The Fender Strat 1962 reissue from 1983 (right, formerly owned by Gary Moore) I used on the “Another Destination” album and the video “Strange Days” as well as the Dokken tour in ’97-’98. A great sounding guitar. /John

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