And for all you gear nerds out there (including myself) here’s my pedal board and there will be more to come!
My pedal board on this tour is very basic and basically back to the roots. It’s almost identical to the same pedal board I used on the Wings of Tomorrow (On the Loose) and The Final Countdown tour in the’80s except for the Wha pedal.
1. Jim Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Wha
2. Boss DS-1 from 1981 (not to be confused with the modern MIT DS-1. They have nothing to do with each other except for the name and the color). And I use it mainly to give the Strat a solo boost.
3. Switch for the Dunlop MXR Echoplex Delay which is in the loop of the amp which I will get to later.
4. Channel switch for a clean and dirty sound.
5. MXR Micro Chorus.
6. Pete Cornish LD-1 Line Driver/Buffer so you don’t lose any signal when you use 25 m cable. /John

John Norum's Pedal Board 2022