WELCOME everybody to John NORUM’s renewed dynamic and daily updated website!

Here you can find all the news from John’s camp, the events, the best videos and photos and last but not least, all about John’s GEAR.
Check the renewed MENU in the frontpage and drop it down to see the new categories and all the posts.
Here you can check the NEWS BLOG with the latest and all the most relevant news from John’s and EUROPE camp, all about the ALBUMS and DVDs, the TOUR DATES and John’s current PROJECTS, and you can watch the many videos and the interviews with John uploaded on our MEDIA section.
The GALLERIES section will show you the albums of the best photos from the WORLD TOURS and much more.
And, of course, all about John’s guitars, amps and effects is in the GEAR section.
In the SHOP section you’ll find all the news about the albums and the DVDs on sale and the purchase forms, while in the CONTACTS section you can check all the OFFICIAL websites and social pages for John NORUM and his band EUROPE.
MUCH more is about to be added, so stay tuned and keep on spreading the word! ENJOY!


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