November 8, 2021

A lot of people have asked me what kind of gear I used to get that great guitar sound on “Secret Power” Midnight Jam Session video, so for all of you guitar nerds out there (and non guitar nerds) here it is. /John

Gibson Les Paul custom shop R8. By far the best sounding Les Paul I’ve ever played. Strung up with Ernie Ball strings gauges 10,13,17,28,38,50.

"Secret Power" video - gear 01
"Secret Power" video - gear 02

Mezzabarba Z35 and Z101. The Z35 is a 45W amp that sounds fantastic and the Z101 is a 100W and it’s the loudest amp I’ve  ever heard. No master volume or any other “fancy business”, just one chanel of pure tube power! The speakers are 70W Celestion V type.

"Secret Power" video - gear 03

And the overdrive I used an old ’70s DOD 250 overdrive/preamp, a VOX wha from the late ’60s, Klotz Joe Bonamassa signature cables and Klotz Matthias Jabs speaker cables

"Secret Power" video - gear 04

I’ve been using Beyerdynamic microphones for a number of years now (M88, M69. Thank you Kevin Shirley) and they are the best sounding mics I’ve ever heard. A very ”true sounding” mic, loud and clean.

"Secret Power" video - gear 05

And thanks to all at Beyerdynamic for this amazing M88 they made for me a few years back, it’s still nr.1! 

"Secret Power" video - gear 06

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